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So, I thought that JJ was working for RFK Junior as a chief scientific officer, or something of that manner…

Is that no longer true? Very curious

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Wrote this to another post of yours yesterday.

Wanted to make sure you have seen this Couey.

Hey Albert,

Have you already seen this jj critique of Kirsch with dear Mike Yeadon?


It's so good, that someone here who has no time for this stuff, viewed the whole thing.

I've been watching jj since summer of 2021, though not often because of time.

I've always believed him and seen his kids and the hardships he's gone through after losing his academic position.

The video I posted here shows in stark terms one person who has humility and one who does not.

As for Bob and Jill, people who sue other people for millions are completely off my list. Period.

And I don't even need to get into the incredible good the Breggins and Dr Jane have done and are doing, do I.

Virus/no virus? Minutes 34 and 1:16 address this. I've always thought that BACTERIAL pathogens are what make us sick, if we are susceptible, and have watched them evolve to survive environmental pressures from bactiricides, insecticides, etc.

jj uses the term bacteriophage - a "virus" that infects a bacteria. I think it of it more as a poison causing a bacteria to evolve in strength to survive and that forces us, as hosts, to get sick and die from the new stronger e.coli (for instance), or get sick and live.

Bless you and the whole Eagle family!

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CHD and RFK are Nazi scum they are the bad guys wake up

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