That's a great bonus at the end by Eagle, I won't give it away.

It's tough keeping up with their efforts to hide truth and it requires a lot of words to untangle the web they weave.

To cite just a couple:

Their blurb says 19,476 deaths but without specifying USA-only. But worldwide it is 35,048. Are they saying deaths outside of the US don't matter?

"Found 35,048 cases where Vaccine is COVID19 or COVID19-2 and Patient Died" ... From the 3/31/2023 release of VAERS data.


That's only the ones initially marked 'DIED'='Y', while later information is kept secret.

Elsewhere they said they follow up on "serious reports" (not specifying just deaths) and no you can't have them.

Now they're saying destroyed lives such as permanent disability don't qualify as serious but only death?

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Another person I follow on Substack, Edward Slavsquat, pointed out that people are dying "suddenly" in Russia as well. The Russian Sputnik V vaccine is a clone of the AstraZeneca vaccine.


*** "...the Russian Health Ministry refuses to provide [information], because, in their own words, transparency may 'cause a negative attitude towards vaccination'" ***

The Russian Ministry of Health is apparently a little more upfront than the US Department of Health and Human Services. They just come right out and tell you that they don't want you to know how many people have died or been injured -- because more people might not want to die, or be injured.

What more do people need to know? As more and more countries remove the requirements for vaccines, where does this go? We know that the NATO countries are all pushing for a vaccine/health passport system, because they are still actively developing it.


*** The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Technology Review states, “This new social order will seem unthinkable to most people in so-called free countries. But any change can quickly become normal if people accept it. The new normal will be that we are used to the idea that in some cases being able to move around freely is dependent on us being able to show that we're healthy. There will be a greater acceptance, I think, of that kind of public health monitoring.” ***


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Since Eagle is sort of tip of spear with this work, it's possible that those who are running the covid program might read these messages. With that in mind, I would like to address this to the tip top guy on the $700 million yacht off Malta sipping cognac and enjoying a Cuban cigar.

I'm pretty sure I understand your point of view and have a couple of suggestions, as we both know things haven't gone as smoothly as expected. You can decide how accurate my theory is.

Most people regard you as pure evil, and that's possible but I'm not so sure. IF it is more like the following, then please consider what I have to say ... You control trillions and feel an obligation to try to protect the planet, you foster the gathering of elites in conferences with a focus on sustainability.

You look at dynamics, and you see that an increase in health and low-cost energy would result in an increase in the population growth rate, so the thought crosses your mind to reduce both.

The basic fear was alluded to by Al Gore at Davos, with too many people, your control might be threatened. And also you believe Earth would be better off with more nature.

You see that there are 385,000 new babies per day resulting in 215,000 new consumers per day (accounting for deaths).

55,014 ships at sea hauling fuel, food, cars, vespas, iphones and chemicals for factories trying to keep up with our consumption.

You're aware that with the ever-expanding farmlands and limits on arable land, that threatens forests, and especially that it's higher protein per acre for crops that humans eat directly vs. meat and crops such as cattle feed so together you've decided we will only eat meat as "an occasional treat". And, for example, that 25,000 square miles of forest habitat were burned in Indonesia to make room for palm oil tree plantations due to heavy worldwide demand. These things worry you.

Since all people drink water and growing their food requires irrigation, with 70% of fresh water worldwide going for irrigation, and fresh water wars starting to brew under our noses, you'd rather avoid that problem, with less consumption (and fewer people would enhance the plan).

You are nurturing over the years the terror campaign against the CO2 molecule (plant food) to get us to cut back on consumption.

You're intentionally increasing inflation to get us to trim back on consumption.

You're using media to try to make everyone queer to reduce baby count.

You told us about the upcoming covid plan in the 2013 Utopia series, and did a remake in 2020 via Amazon just 2 months before the vaccines began. In it, a genius named Carville engineered a new flu so people would demand a vaccine into which he would sneak the secret ingredients code-named Janus (Roman god and origin of the word January).

Which would sterilize 95% of humanity.

Because of the fact this is so important, I'll just be fully candid. You're safe. People entirely ignore the point when they are informed that pzp, a mammal immunocontraceptive matches the protocol of two initial shots a few weeks apart followed by boosters about every six months, and the effects of stillbirths and so on. AND that the single shot other version gonacon (also boosters, same) matches the other companies. None of them will do any reading on those, unless one their herd leaders mention it. For them it is as if this paragraph doesn't exist.

That was considered the most compassionate route, certainly better than the historic methods, war and controlled famines.

HOWEVER, I think there's a better way:

. . . . . . . Gift cards for any vasectomy volunteers . . . . . .

You know how to reach me, I'm willing to head it up.

Aside from that another suggestion ....

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In January 2021 I reported that a relative who had cancer in remission developed RAPID reappearance with a day of getting a Covid shot. He was hospitalized and found on admission to have blood clot in his arm. In early February I reported this to VAERS but forgot to mention the blood clot; but there was no way to edit the report. I managed to reach them a few days later and asked about making the addition. I was told "We are very busy. We will call you when we can take the added information." He died on 11/1/21 and there was no way to report the death by addendum. It was Spring or Summer of 2022 before they contacted me for the additional information.

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CDC hired General Dynamics to do the processing of VAERS reports.

Excellent investigate report from The Highwire.


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We need an independent tracking system

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This is why they stopped the Eergency- maybe they shut it down?

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